Dune: Awakening Nears Closed Beta Testing: Here’s Your Chance to Join!

In the realm where survival meets the mystical allure of Arrakis, Funcom’s highly anticipated MMO, Dune: Awakening, is about to embark on its early closed beta testing phase. This immersive open-world survival game is set against the backdrop of the harsh and intriguing planet Arrakis, offering players an opportunity to explore, strategise, and face challenges unique to its desert sands.

The Call for Beta Testers

Funcom recognises the pivotal role player feedback plays in refining gaming experiences, and they are gearing up to select a select group of beta testers. As the development team approaches a critical stage, they are eager to enlist the input of passionate players who can help shape the evolution of Dune: Awakening.

For those who’ve already expressed their interest in playtesting by signing up on the Dune: Awakening website, keep a close eye on your inbox for a forthcoming signup form. This initial pool of testers will be pivotal in uncovering potential improvements and refining the gameplay. However, if you missed the first round of invitations, fret not—more opportunities will follow as the testing phase progresses, and the number of players invited gradually expands.

What to Expect in Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening promises an expansive open world filled with perilous environments, hidden discoveries, and the need for strategic environmental manipulation. Set on the iconic planet Arrakis, players will contend with the challenges typical of survival games, with the added twist of navigating the unforgiving desert landscape. As a player, you’ll have the chance to help mould this evolving world.

Beta Testing Details

All beta testing will be conducted under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), ensuring that the secrets of Arrakis remain securely guarded. Given the early stage of development, the necessity of an NDA is no surprise, and it underscores the commitment to refining and polishing the game with the input of dedicated testers.

How to Join the Dune: Awakening Beta

For those eager to traverse the sands of Arrakis before the official launch, the beta registration process is simple. Visit the official Dune: Awakening website, locate the “Beta Sign-up” button in the upper right corner, and enter your email address. Then, await your invitation to join the exclusive group of closed beta testers.

Anticipation for Dune: Awakening

The announcement of closed beta testing comes on the heels of a resurgence in the Dune franchise’s popularity, fuelled in part by the release of the 2021 Dune film. As the world eagerly awaits more details about the beta release date, those who have signed up are advised to regularly check their inboxes for updates.

The opportunity to become one of the pioneers exploring the vast landscapes of Dune: Awakening is on the horizon. As the closed beta testing phase commences, players have a unique chance to contribute to the refinement of this much-anticipated survival MMO. Stay tuned, keep an eye on your inbox, and get ready to embark on an epic journey into the heart of Arrakis.

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