Cities Skyline 2: the growing tendency of toxicity

In a recent blog post on Paradox Interactive’s forums, Mariina Hallikainen, the CEO of Colossal Order, the developer behind Cities: Skylines 2, openly discussed the rising issue of toxicity within their gaming community. The post highlighted the unprecedented levels of negativity directed not only towards developers but also among community members, creating an atmosphere that may hinder engagement, creativity, and overall happiness.

The CEO expressed concerns about the potential long-term impact on the community and hinted at a potential shift in the developers’ interaction strategy if the toxicity persists. The primary focus is on ensuring a safe and motivating environment for the development team, prioritizing their well-being to maintain productivity and creativity.

The blog post concludes with practical suggestions to reduce toxicity within the community. Colossal Order encourages constructive feedback on the game, emphasizes the challenge of conveying tone in writing, and urges kindness in discussions about the game’s issues.

Despite the challenges faced after the game’s October 2023 release, including a delayed console launch, the post aims to bridge the gap between developers and players by addressing concerns transparently. Hallikainen acknowledges the disappointment surrounding the game’s launch and urges players to express their grievances constructively, rather than resorting to toxicity.

As the mentions of this in previous entries do not seem to have moved the needle, perhaps you have a constructive way of telling us how we can improve the way we communicate with each other. Should we add more moderation or is the only option to pull back our engagement on our end? How can we make sure the community is a safe place for you to share your thoughts and hopes for the game?

Here are a few ideas to start with:

– Give feedback and disagree, but do it constructively! Be specific and detailed, and don’t worry about what others think. We have a diverse community so opinions and experiences will always vary.
– Assume people mean well and remember that tone can be hard to convey in writing.
– Help us make the community a nice place for everyone by showing your fellow mayors how to give constructive feedback.
– Always be kind

The post also shares positive news about the progress of the mod editor, anticipating a closed beta in the coming weeks. However, challenges with asset import may lead to a delay in this feature’s availability, emphasizing the team’s commitment to delivering a quality product on all platforms.

In response to community frustrations over the game’s rough launch, the post acknowledges the challenges faced by developers who may have been pressured by publishers, such as Paradox Interactive, to meet specific timelines.

As the Cities: Skylines 2 community grapples with these challenges, the developers urge players to redirect their frustrations positively. The plea emphasizes the collective responsibility to maintain a healthy and supportive gaming environment, encouraging fans to participate constructively in discussions.

In a gaming landscape where toxicity has been a historical issue, this call to action from ‘Cities: Skylines 2’ developers serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts needed to foster a positive and collaborative gaming community.

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