BEAST: False Prophet

“Unleash Your Inner Beast in a Dark and Dynamic Tactical RPG Adventure”

If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs and have been yearning for something fresh and exciting, then it’s time to get ready for BEAST: False Prophet. Picture this: a grimdark medieval world plagued by disease, heresy, and warfare. You step into the shoes of Anton Sabbados, a battle-hardened war veteran, presumed dead and returning home after a decade of Ottoman slavery. But the Carpathian homeland he once knew has been reduced to a nightmare under the rule of a demented prophet-king. Raiders pillage the land, and a hellish plague has taken hold. It’s a land devoid of goodness, where your choices boil down to varying shades of evil.

BEAST takes you on a journey seen from two perspectives: Anton’s and the cruel Prince Nikolai’s. While Prince Nikolai may seem like the clear villain, the game reminds you that in this war-torn land, there’s no room for pure goodness. Anton himself grapples with inner demons, forcing you to decide whether to quell them with mercy or unleash the savage BEAST within, with consequences for your allies and enemies alike.

Character creation in BEAST allows you to tailor your playstyle as Anton Sabbados. While the character’s appearance isn’t customizable during this alpha build, you can fine-tune their starting stats to match your desired playstyle. Three presets — Assault, Blast, and Command — cater to different playstyles: Melee, Ranged, and Support, respectively. Customization begins with a simple quiz that aligns with your character’s starting stats, offering extra starting weapons, items, and skill tree points. While the questions might not impact the story significantly, they provide a solid foundation for your main character.

Managing your Warband is another fascinating aspect of BEAST. You recruit a group of warriors, each with unique traits, roles, abilities, and skill trees. Whether you prefer the Defender’s heavy two-handed weapons, the Burster’s melee mayhem, or the Scout’s long-range precision, there’s a class for you. Completing missions grants experience points and levels up your party members, allowing you to improve their stats, traits, and abilities.

Weapon aficionados will find a variety of choices, from swords to axes to matchlock pistols. Each weapon type has its own feel, and some are better suited to certain classes. Armor isn’t as prominently featured, but you’ll encounter better rarity armor as you progress. Consumable items become crucial in this bleak world, as resources are scarce. Patch up wounds with canvas, stop bleeding with needles, sharpen weapons with whetstones, and blow up enemies with bombs. Efficient resource management is the key to survival.

The combat in BEAST is where the game truly shines. With a gridless, turn-based tactical system, it offers freedom of movement in stunning natural landscapes. Each unit, including enemies, has three action points per turn, allowing for dynamic maneuvers, cover utilization, and strategic positioning. When it’s time to engage, you’ll have to make decisions about ranged attacks and defensive tactics to survive.

Quality of life improvements like camera movement options, 360-degree rotation, and a zoom function make navigating the game’s world more enjoyable. An inspection feature lets you learn about your enemies, enhancing your strategic planning.

The centerpiece of BEAST is the BEAST system. As Anton grapples with his inner demons, an insanity meter fills. You must choose whether to embrace the darkness and transform into The Beast, gaining incredible strength and abilities. However, this power comes at a cost, as it makes enemies stronger and more determined to eliminate you and your allies. It’s a high-risk, high-reward mechanic that adds depth to the gameplay.

Developer and publisher False Prophet have shown their commitment to BEAST’s development with significant updates. The second major update adds more content, including an ending, new enemy types, achievements, and more. This update allows players to experience up to 40 hours of gameplay, bringing the game closer to its final release in 2024.

BEAST: False Prophet is set in a dark and atmospheric world, with a narrative that keeps you engaged despite some rough edges. While there are minor UI and bug-related issues, the potential of this game is undeniable. With gridless combat, an array of historical weaponry, and a unique transformation system, BEAST is a breath of fresh air in the tactical RPG genre.

BEAST: False Prophet is available in Early Access on Steam and GOG. Early adopters will receive in-game rewards, making it an enticing opportunity to dive into this promising game. Keep an eye on BEAST: False Prophet as it continues to evolve and refine its unique take on tactical RPGs. This is a journey worth embarking on, and we can’t wait to see how it matures into its full release in 2024.

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